St James

School Performance Data

Throughout your child’s education at St.James’ they will undertake key statutory assessments. The results of these assessments can give you an insight into the school’s academic performance.  Please remember that a child’s education comprises of so much more than just academic outcomes.


Good Level of Development. A measure of attainment at the end of the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). Children are deemed to have achieved GLD if they have achieved the ELG (Early Learning Goals) in the EYFS curriculum areas of Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language Development, Literacy and Mathematics.

Phonics Screening

At the end of year 1 children complete a statutory test to assess their phonics knowledge. This is called the phonics screening check.


Official teacher assessments are made at the end of Year 2 in reading, writing and maths.  These teacher assessments are supported by the use of statutory SATS tests.  The results of these tests are not used in isolation, but are used in conjunction with the day to day assessments completed by teachers.

Children are deemed to be working ‘at the expected standard’ , ‘below the expected standard’ or ‘exceeding the expected standard’.


At the end of Y6 the children complete statutory SATS.  This entails a formal test in reading; maths; Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling.  The children are also awarded a teacher assessment in writing.  As with KS1, the children are judged to be ‘working below the expected standard’ , ‘working at the expected standard’ or ‘working at greater depth / higher standard ‘.  We have also included the average scaled scores for your consideration, along with the average progress measure for the year group.  ‘0’ would be seen as the national average for the progress measure.

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