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A brief introduction from Wardle Trust:

A brief introduction from Wardle Trust:

‘The Wardle Trust is a multi-academy trust in the North West of England currently consisting of four schools that, in addition to supporting themselves, offer a range of school development services to other educational organisations thereby empowering the staff and headteachers to focus upon the children and their learning. We believe that an outstanding education grows from a combination of the best teaching, the best resources combined with the freedom and autonomy of each academies leadership team to make its own strategic decisions.’

A Partner of the Wardle Trust

St James’ CofE. Primary School became a partner of the Trust in September 2017. As a partner of the Wardle Trust, St James’ benefits both in terms of its access to facilities and staffing. St James’ has complete control over the operation of the school and the school curriculum. As a partner of a Multi-Academy Trust, we benefit from close collaboration with our other partner academies in the local area: Wardle Academy, Kentmere Academy and St Andrews CE Primary School. We also benefit from the ongoing support and advice provided to us by the Wardle Trust.

The support from the Trust benefits our aspirations to become the best school in the area. With access to the additional support and provisions provided by the Trust, we are in a position to advance to our goals at a much greater and more efficient pace. The Wardle Trust provides professional associate and school improvement consultancy support for its partner schools.

You can learn more about the Wardle Trust by visiting the Wardle Trust Website here.

Contact Details

Wardle Trust
Wardle Academy
Birch Road
OL12 9RD

Telephone: 01706 399232

These documents represent the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Trust Annual Financial Report (incorporating the Annual Accounts and Director information) & Funding Agreements. Click the links below to view each document:

Memorandum of Association
Wardle Trust Master Funding Agreement
Supplement Funding Agreement
Articles of Association
Wardle Trust - Scheme of Delegation
Annual Reports and Accounts

The Board of Trustees

The Trustees of the Wardle Trust are those people responsible for the carrying out of the business of the charity/Trust, i.e. the running of the academies, though management responsibility will be delegated further still to a management board or leadership group made up of executive officers (such as the Wardle Trust “Chief Executive Officer”), the Local Governing Bodies of each Wardle Trust academy and the head teachers of the academies. The Trustees will also be the directors of the Trust, given the Trust is a company, and will be under a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the Trust. Members do not have the same fiduciary responsibility.

The current Wardle Trust Board of Trustees is:

- Mrs Susan Taylor – Member & Trustee
- Mrs Linda Parker – Member & Trustee
- Rev Rachel Battershell – Member (Diocesan)
- Mr Patrick Ottley-O’Connor – Trustee
- Mrs Eva Ainscough – Trustee
- Mr Gary Walczak - Trustee
- Mr Nigel Castledine - Trustee
- Mr Zahid Amin - Trustee
- Dr Paul Mortimer - Trustee

- Mr Arthur Scantlebury – Governance Manager

If you would like to know more information or contact our Trustees, please email

Please click here for our Scheme of Delegation.

Trustee attendance at meetings 2018/19

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