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Watergrove Trust

A brief introduction from WatergroveTrust:

A brief introduction from WatergroveTrust:

‘The Watergrove Trust is a multi-academy trust in the North West of England currently consisting of four schools that, in addition to supporting themselves, offer a range of school development services to other educational organisations thereby empowering the staff and headteachers to focus upon the children and their learning. We believe that an outstanding education grows from a combination of the best teaching, the best resources combined with the freedom and autonomy of each academies leadership team to make its own strategic decisions.’

A Partner of the Watergrove Trust

St James’ CofE. Primary School became a partner of the Trust in September 2017. As a partner of the WatergroveTrust, St James’ benefits both in terms of its access to facilities and staffing. St James’ has complete control over the operation of the school and the school curriculum. As a partner of a Multi-Academy Trust, we benefit from close collaboration with our other partner academies in the local area: Matthew Moss High School, Wardle Academy, Kentmere Academy and St Andrews CE Primary School. We also benefit from the ongoing support and advice provided to us by the Watergrove Trust.

The support from the Trust benefits our aspirations to become the best school in the area. With access to the additional support and provisions provided by the Trust, we are in a position to advance to our goals at a much greater and more efficient pace. The WatergroveTrust provides professional associate and school improvement consultancy support for its partner schools.

You can learn more about the WatergroveTrust by visiting the Trust Website here.

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Watergrove Trust
Wardle Academy
Birch Road
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Telephone: 01706 399232

For documentation relating to the school’s membership of Watergrove Trust (corporate information)  please visit the Trust website. Click here

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