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Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education Intent

Physical Education Intent

At St James’ our PE intent is to provide a fun, challenging and relevant curriculum for all children to access and develop their knowledge and confidence in a range of sporting activities and skills. To provide a positive scope into the challenges faced within competitive attainment, providing an increase of activity levels and to promote a healthy lifestyle. We run this in accordance with the ‘My Personal Best’ scheme formed by the YST: Thinking Me, Social Me and Healthy Me. Which effectively delivers teaching and learning opportunities linked to personal outcomes In PE, In School and in life.

Physical Education Curriculum

Our PE Curriculum is taught with a wide range approach. We teach 2 hours of PE each week for all classes and link our PSHE work into PE through our ‘’My Personal Best’’ Scheme. All classes have access to learn and develop skills through the National Curriculum but are able to expand skills further through our offer of a wider curriculum. One of our focus areas is Pop - Lacrosse. Children from KS1-KS2 work through a range of activities in school and extracurricular activities to access greater understanding of the sport to be competition ready.

My Personal Best - ‘’My Personal Best Primary’’ | Youth Sport Trust
My Personal Best is an award winning resource that enables teachers to use PE to teach skills such as co-operation, responsibility and resilience, helping children to recognise and transfer them to other lessons, to life in school and to their wider environment.

PE Values - This school year we have encouraged children to understand the core values of Physical Education and sport which are set out by the Rochdale School Games. These are: Honesty, Determination, Teamwork, Self - Belief, Passion and Respect. Each lesson children will work on these values within a specific activity or sport and be awarded house points for showing that value. 5 children are then chosen across the school to be included in our celebration assembly for being the stand out student in their class working alongside these PE Values.




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