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What are we trying to achieve?

Religious education in a Church school should enable every child to flourish and to live life in all its fullness. (John 10:10). It will help educate for dignity and respect encouraging all to live well together. 

Such an approach is offered through a commitment to generous hospitality, being true to our underpinning faith, but with a deep respect for the integrity of other religious traditions (and worldviews) and for the religious freedom of each person.

A high-quality sequential religious education (RE) programme is essential to meet the statutory requirement for all state funded schools, including academies and free schools, to teach a full curriculum that prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in modern Britain. Central to religious education in Church schools is the study of Christianity as a living and diverse faith, focused on the teaching of Jesus and the Church

How do we achieve this?

In order to maximise the impact of RE sessions and pupils’ progress in this subject, we teach RE on a weekly basis. To deliver our RE syllabus, we teach RE in EYFS for one hour a week and for 2 hours a week within our Character Education Sessions.

A wide range of imaginative teaching methods and pupil groupings should be used in effective RE sessions.

St.James’ CofE Primary School recognises that ‘enquiry’ can be instrumental to good learning in RE as referenced in recent Ofsted RE subject reports, and we aim to help pupils develop skills to enquire independently. Pupils should be given time to generate pertinent questions where appropriate and teachers of RE should ensure that the atmosphere in an RE session is conducive to question raising and reflective thought whenever appropriate.

We appreciate the positive impact that local communities and local faith communities can have on pupils’ experiences in RE. We cater for this by having a visit to a place of worship in each key stage and inviting visitors from faith communities into RE lessons. It is vitally important that teachers demonstrate respectful attitudes towards all faiths, modelling the attitudes and responses we would expect from our pupils.

Religions and worldviews St.James’ CofE Primary School has followed the Local Agreed Syllabus for RE and has selected the following religions and worldviews for focused study in each key stage. All key stages will consider people who do not have a religious belief where it is appropriate to do so.

Reception: Christianity KS1: Christianity, Islam and Judaism KS2: Christianity, Islam and Hinduism

St.James’ CofE Primary School uses the RE Today syllabus to form the basis of its schemes of work.  Please see the link below for the Long Term Overview. We supplement this with elements of the ‘Questful RE scheme’.  All aims of RE are planned for throughout the units of work.

If teachers feel the need to develop their subject knowledge in order to teach these units, they can do so in a number of ways. For example: reading the information guides created by the Subject Leader, discussion with the Subject Leader and personal research. Additionally, the Subject Leader provides Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions for all members of staff based on a teacher knowledge and confidence audit that is carried out every two years.

Click here for our Long Term Overview of RE Teaching

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