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All children are curious about the world around them. At St James, we aim to support pupils to foster a curious, resilient and creative mindset through an enhanced curriculum in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in order to nurture children who are prepared to flourish in an ever-changing world.

Engineering at St.James'

Engineering at St.James'

Throughout the school, children are provided additional STEM opportunities. All classes are expected to dedicated 2hours a week to Science, Technology or engineering. This is supported by a further computing lesson and daily maths lessons.

Throughout school, STEM is integrated into the topical areas that we teach to contextualise children’s learning and to encourage links between the skills and knowledge acquired in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to solve problems relative to real-life scenarios.

In EYFS, we have enhanced provision around construction both indoors and outdoors to allow children the chance to experience engineering openly at an age appropriate level.  Children are introduced to real tools and safety equipment and encouraged to construct using a variety of different media to build up the physical skills needed in.  The children take part in a termly STEM project to develop skills and language of thinking scientifically.

Throughout KS1 and KS2 additional engineering lesons are carefully planned, utiling support and guidance from Greater Manchester’s Science Learning Partnership consultants and the national STEM centre.  The school works closely with the Learning Partnership and Dendrite to provide staff CPD and practical opportunities for our children. 

Each year group carries out a minimum of one enhanced STEM projects.  These projects allow children to move through a full engineering cycle, including making prototypes and final designs after testing.  This approach adds significant depth to our children’s learning.  In addition, we hold a STEM festival each year, where children in all year groups participate in collective project. 

Educational visits are used to enhance our STEM opportunities.

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