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There are 30 Reception Class places available in September 2019. If the number of applications does not exceed this number, then all applicants will be admitted. Before making an application parents should study the school’s over subscription criteria and be aware that an unrealistic first choice of school may result in your child not getting any of your preferred choices.
Over subscription Criteria

The Governors have determined that if demand for places at St James’ CofE Primary School exceeds the number of places available priority will be given to the following categories in the order stated:

a) Children in public care (evidence to be provided with application)

b) Medical and/or Psychological grounds

Children for whom there are medical/psychological grounds to support their need to attend St James’ CofE Primary School. If parents intend to seek priority on either, or both of these grounds, a letter or certificate from a medical practitioner must be attached to the form at the time of making an application for a place. Authority for the school to acquire further information on the condition should it be needed is also required.

c) Sibling Priority

Children who have an older brother or sister attending St James’ CofE. Primary School at the time of admission. This includes step brothers and sisters legally residing at the same address.

d) Any remaining places will be decided on the basis of proximity and ease of access to the school and other schools in the area

Proximity is measured as the crow flies and the school gates are used as the guidelines for measurement. The school uses a Microsoft computer programme to ascertain distances when there is a tie-break decision to be made. A child’s home address is deemed to be where the child legally resides for the majority of the school week.

If you have selected St James’ CofE Primary School for your child because you expect to move into the locality in the near future, the Governors will not take this into consideration unless you quote your agreed date of removal and provide written confirmation of this from your Solicitor or Estate Agent.

The school operates a waiting list for each class. When a place becomes available the lists are consulted and the oversubscription criteria applied to them to find the next child to be offered a place. The school is part of the RMBC co-ordinated admissions scheme so an application should be made to the local authority in the first instance. Parents will be notified by the local authority as to whether their application has been successful. If you are dissatisfied with the decision of the Governing Body, there is a right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Committee as laid down in the school’s Statutory Instrument and Articles of Government. Details of how to appeal are available on the local authority website, you can find this information by clicking here.

If you require any help with making an application for a Reception Class place for your child, please contact the school office who will be pleased to assist. Please note that the speed in which an application is returned has no bearing on the allocation of places.

Waiting List Protocol

Thank you for considering St. James’ CofE Primary School as your preferred school.

My child has not been allocated a place in reception.
If your child has not been allocated a reception place, parents should fill out a waiting list application.  This will then be kept on file to be considered should a place become available.  At any point, you can contact the school to have the request withdrawn
I would like my child to attend St. James’ but there are no places available:
If you wish to be considered for available places in the future, parents must fill out a waiting list application.  The school will contact parents if a place can be offered.  At the start of each academic year the school will contact parents to confirm that you wish to stay on the waiting list.

How are places allocated from the waiting list:
When a place becomes available, the school will apply its oversubscription criteria as set out in the admission policy.  Parents will then be contacted to confirm the acceptance of the place.  If your child is currently in another school, you will need to complete an ‘in year transfer form’ and have it signed by the current school’s headteacher.  Once we receive this we will begin the process of admitting your child.

If you have any further questions please contact the school office.

PLEASE NOTE: Your child’s details will be held on the waiting list until the end of the school year. An email or text will be sent during July each year asking if you wish to remain on the waiting list. If we do not get a response, your child’s details will be removed from the waiting list.
It is important that your contact details are kept up to date so that we can contact you should a place become available. Please contact school if your circumstances or contact details change.

Admissions Waiting List Protocol

Appeals Timetable

Offer date: 16 April 2019

Appeals to be lodged by: 22 May 2019

Appeals to be heard by : 9 September 2019 (it is hoped that all on time appeals will be heard prior to schools breaking up for summer holidays on 19th July 2019)

If your appeal is received on time then it will be heard within the dates outlined above.

Appeals lodged after these dates will be heard within 40 school days of the appeal deadline or within 30 school days of being lodged, whichever is the later date.

Appeals for in year transfers will continue to be heard within 30 school days of receipt of the appeal.

You will be sent notification of your appeal hearing along with a copy of the school’s case at least 10 school days in advance of the hearing.

If you wish to submit further evidence which was not included with your initial appeal, you must ensure that we receive it at least 5 working days before the hearing date. Any additional evidence or information received after this date might not be considered at the appeal hearing.

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